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Chiropractic Helps Pregnancy Back Pain

Chiropractic relieves Back pain and Sciatica in Pregnancy

Chiropractic Helps Pregnancy Back Pain

Pamela H Ramer

Research published in April 2014 from department of Chiropractic Medicine shows treatment by a chiropractor helped 51% of pregnant women in the very first week of treatment, 70% in 1 month and 100% in 6 months of a chiropractor treating them. Pelvic Pain, Sciatica and Back Pain are frequently found in pregnant women, but few women are aware that help from an experienced and chiropractor especially trained and certified in Pediatrics and Prenatal Care can bring quick relief. This is good news for women who are pregnant or planning on being pregnant as regular appointments can keep the spine aligned and they can now look forward to a pain free pregnancy. http://www.chiromt.com/content/22/1/15

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