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Corporate Health and Wellness Program

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corp-wellness (1)Maintaining and improving your employees’ health is essential for business growth and stability, and this where Dr. Pamela H. Ramer, DC, comes in. Dr. Ramer uniquely combines original applications of sociology (MA and PhD candidate from the renowned University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) as well as lifelong study and teaching of Yoga (which she studied with the best traditional yogis in India) with her cutting-edge training in Chiropractic (doctorate from the well-known Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles) and experience healing patients and running her two growing private clinics. As a result, Dr. Ramer is perfectly positioned to design and implement effective innovative corporate wellness programs that go beyond the ordinary to produce extraordinary benefits.

By her background, experience, and personality, Dr. Ramer is uniquely equipped to become part of the corporate wellness culture and to serve as a consultant genuinely dedicated to making your employees and your business get healthier. With her unique skill set, she sees both the need for radical change in how we perceive and define employee wellness programs-and the ability to create such realistic, creative, company-specific programs tailored to each corporation’s individual circumstances.

Workplace injuries and employee illness are costing even small companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Much of this can be prevented with the right health care approach and life-style modification. This is why Dr. Ramer evaluates each company to identify its unique needs, working closely with the health administrator to directly correlate health measures to productivity and financial impact. Her goal is to empower both the employer and the employees with the tools, techniques, and knowledge need to bring about concrete positive changes in health outcome measures. American business loses millions of dollars each year due to sick days, injuries, headaches, back pain, fatigue-and the correlated workman’s compensation claims and employee turnover. Healthy and health-informed employees work better in a health-savvy workplace-and Dr. Pamela Ramer works harder and smarter to bring that about for your company.

The Santa Monica Chiropractic Clinic Provides the Following Corporate Services:
Ergonomic Assessment and Work-Station Modification
Post-offer, Pre-placement/Pre-employment Physical Screening
Health screening fairs

Same day appointments for on-site injury
•  Yearly health physicals  including Examinations and orthopedic and neurological diagnostic tests.
Stretching Programs
On the Job Injury Analysis

Recurring Injury Prevention
On-Site Chiropractic Care
Trigger Point Therapy
Mini-Breaks, Micro-Breaks & Stretch Routines
Health, Wellness and Safety Talks for Employees and Supervisors
Use of a NMS (neuromusculoskeletal) Symptoms Survey of your employees
Worker Satisfaction Survey
Orthotics for Employees
Nutritional Considerations: Weight management Challenge programs as well as Nutritional analysis and follow-up, including supplement recommendations

On-site Seated Massage
The many health benefits of a professional massage have been well documented. Even a 15 minute massage has been proven to reduce stress, alleviate muscle stiffness and fatigue, increase energy and heighten feelings of well being that last for hours. All of which leads to increased productivity and job effectiveness.

Here are some of the advantages of using massage as part of your wellness program:
• Most wellness modalities appeal to only a limited percentage of employees, whereas nearly everyone will benefit from a massage.
• During a seated massage people feel comfortable because they remain fully clothed, no oils or lotions are used and it is done in the convenience of their workplace.
• Massage tends to be self-reinforcing. Many relaxation programs are difficult to initiate and maintain because they require effort on the part of the employee to continue and to practice what has been learned. Massage requires no effort to be beneficial.
• It is cost effective. Only $20 or less per person, per session. (See “pricing” page for complete details) And it may be a 100% tax deductible health benefit if gifted to all employees.
• Massage supports all other wellness activities.
• The results of massage are immediate.
• Massage helps fulfill the minimal daily tactile requirements that research says is necessary for maintaining physical and mental health.

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Dr. Ramer is a Santa Monica chiropractor who Serves the Communities of Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Playa Del Rey, Westwood, Mar Vista , Brentwood, Topanga from her Santa Monica Clinic

Dr. Ramer is a West Hollywood chiropractor who also serves the Communities of Cheviot hills (city of los angeles), Sawtelle, Westwood, Palms, West Fairfax. West Hollywood, Westchester, Loyola Mount University. Beverly Hills, West Beverly, West Fairfax, Park La Brea, West Hollywood, Bel Aire, Los Angeles Mount Olympus, Bel Aire Estates, City of Los Angeles from her Los Angeles Clinic

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