Boost Health and Healing with Nutrition

At her Santa Monica chiropractic wellness center, Dr. Ramer takes a holistic and natural approach to healing and life-long health. Nutrition plays an important role in her patient care alongside the advanced healing methods that are a specialty at Ramer Chiropractic.

As a trained, licensed and experienced Santa Monica chiropractor, Dr. Ramer has long been committed to the complete health and wellness of her patients, unlike other health care providers who are solely concerned with the treatment and management of disease. The role of nutrition in reaching optimal health is being understood and appreciated by more people today than ever before and Dr. Ramer sees this as an extremely positive trend.

The answer for chronic diseases

It is estimated that seven out of 10 deaths are caused by chronic diseases and that more than 75 percent of our nation’s health costs are wasted in the treatment of diseases that are, in fact, preventable. As a Santa Monica nutritionist, Dr. Ramer knows the reality of these statistics well. As part of a thorough program that may involve chiropractic care, exercise and yoga, Dr. Ramer can design individualized nutritional advice that will help you achieve your personal goals and avoid the chronic conditions that are plaguing our society, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more.

With a long and rich history of working with the residents of Santa Monica and the neighboring communities, Dr. Ramer knows that no two people are alike in their health and wellness and further that they have different priorities in their lives. Adding a custom nutritional plan to their health care plan and lifestyle can speed up their progress. Let’s look at some of the ways nutrition, chiropractic care, health and wellness objectives, and lifestyle work together.

Nutrition and chiropractic care

Have you been in an accident or had an event occur in your life that has prompted you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Ramer? If so, you will want to join the many others who take this time to embark on a natural, holistic approach to both healing and long-term health and wellness. Dr. Ramer’s nutritional advice and guidance play a critically important role in helping you achieve the lifestyle success you desire.

In fact, improving your nutrition can greatly complement your chiropractic care. If you are recovering for an accident, or working to improve a chronic condition, Dr. Ramer’s nutritional advice will help “turbocharge” you down your path to renewed health and wellness. Further, sound nutrition is an important part of a successful neuro-protective strategy.

Elevate overall wellness

No matter what stage you are in life, following the nutritional guidance of Dr. Ramer will improve your overall level of health and wellness. Consider these widely varying situations:

  • Children and youth. Ramer is a specialist in pediatric chiropractic care and can provide the ideal nutritional advice for active and growing boys and girls. As a Santa Monica nutritionist, she can help parents establish healthy eating habits that will serve their children well throughout their entire lives.
  • Many of Dr. Ramer’s patients are athletes. She provides them with the chiropractic care as well as yoga, exercise and nutritional advice that allow them to reach their greatest athletic potential. World-class athletes rely heavily on the advice of nutritionists. If you take your sport seriously, shouldn’t you too?
  • Office workers. Today many of us spend the entire working day in front of a computer, sitting at our desks. This is one of the reasons all the chronic ailments related to obesity are becoming so prevalent among adults. Through nutritional advice, chiropractic care, exercise and yoga, Dr. Ramer will put you on a path to renewed vigor, health and wellness.
  • Maturing population. While good nutrition is important all through our lives, it becomes critical as we age. In fact, we are much more able to maintain our health as we age if our diet is nutritionally sound. Because all of Dr. Ramer’s nutritional advice is tailored to the individual, she will provide you with a program that suits your specific age and health requirements.

Finally, when you follow Dr. Ramer’s nutritional advice, not only will it elevate your health, you will experience more energy and we believe your entire outlook on life will improve. Call today to schedule your initial consultation and start your journey to optimum health and wellness.

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