Sports Injuries

Chiropractic for Athletes: Boost Performance, Reduce Injuries

If you follow sports, you will have noticed that more and more athletes and professional teams are speaking out about their use of chiropractic. Here’s what former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield had to say:

“I have to have an adjustment before I go into the ring. I found that going to a chiropractor three times a week helps my performance. The majority of boxers go to Chiropractors to get that extra edge.”

The athletes Dr. Ramer sees at her Santa Monica center for chiropractic and wellness generally don’t push themselves to the extremes of professional boxers, but they do enjoy the many benefits from the care they receive that is similar to what professional athletes experience. In fact, as amateur athletes refine their training programs and focus their involvement in sports, many amateurs are training themselves harder than professional athletes did not all that many years ago. Along with amateur athletes are those who exercise hard to promote better health.

Individuals in both of these groups are realizing the importance of chiropractic in overcoming injuries and enabling them to achieve levels of peak performance and good health. Here are some ways that Santa Monica chiropractor Dr. Ramer can help athletes.

Youth athletics

Talk to the parents of young athletes involved in community and school sports programs and they will be quick to tell you that they are more competitive than ever before. Because of this, many are choosing to concentrate on one sport and these young athletes may play their chosen sport and train for it all year long. This increases the risk of injuries related to repetitive motions. A study of about 3,000 high school athletes over 19 different sport showed that nearly 1,200 of them suffered injuries over a two-year period.

Under the care of Dr. Ramer, the health and wellness of your young athlete can be restored much more quickly and further, Dr. Ramer can help maintain your son’s or daughter’s proper alignment and optimum flexibility in order to minimize the risk of future injuries. Along with these benefits, Dr. Ramer’s care will help improve performance and give athletes a competitive edge. Whether your child is involved in gymnastics, youth track and field, soccer, sprinting, youth golf, basketball, volleyball, football, boxing, tennis, softball, or baseball, you will appreciate the benefits.

And not only does Dr. Ramer know what young athletes need to heal from and prevent injuries, her specialized pediatric chiropractic training give her the understanding required too work with children of all ages.

Chiropractic care and sports injuries

Many of the most common sports injuries involve joints, such as the knee and ankle. Without chiropractic care, even when these injuries are “healed,” the true health of the involved joint will not have been restored. You see, these kinds of injuries are typically accompanied by biomechanical dysfunction, which can even lead to pain in other parts of the body if not treated properly.

The benefits of chiropractic care in sports such as golf, tennis, soccer, swimming, pickle ball and others have been well documented by scientific studies. For example, a study by JMPT and Physiological Therapeutics found that when ankle sprains received chiropractic care they had better range of motion, less pain and improved overall function. And on the preventative side, a study of Australian football players found that regular chiropractic care reduced the occurrence of leg injuries.

For these reasons and more, many professional teams are bringing their own chiropractor on board. With the experience of Dr. Ramer and the full range of advanced health and wellness services she offers, you too can receive individualized chiropractic care in Santa Monica for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. Call today to schedule your initial examination and get started on your way to optimum athletic performance.

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