Success Stories

“I didn’t think going to a chiropractor would help fibromyalgia, but boy was i wrong. I don’t think there is anyway the cold laser and ultra sound will not help (if you are well enough to get here/get someone to get you here, you will be sure to get better, even when you are at your worst). I have constant pain, and it used to be so bad I could not move. Even when I could, it was very difficult and I would often “gel”, unable to get myself a glass of water or go the bathroom even thought my mind wished it. I wish someone would had taken me here when I was at my worst.”

-Betty J.

“Dr. Ramer is the 14th doctor I have sat before in the hope of finding relief from injuries Iʼve sustained from a car accident five years ago. Needless to say by the time I arrived at her office I wasnʼt very hopeful that she would be able to help and I told her so in tears of despair. I left her office that day with a smile on my face because I knew I finally met a true doctor. Her genuine concern and empathy were evident from the start, her probing questions always wanting to get the precise picture of what was going on, exactly. In a short time I felt a big improvement and as I follow her advice on posture, applying ice etc.I am now hopeful that I will continue to feel good from day to day. Though I know I will never return to my physical health prior to the accident, I am confident that under Dr. Ramerʼs care I will live a more pain free life. Dr. Ramer surpasses all my previous doctors because of her intelligent and compassionate approach. I couldnʼt recommend her more. Itʼs good to know Iʼll never need to rehash the story of my crash to another new doctor again and thatʼs a relief:)”

-Deirdre R.

“Dr. Ramer is the fifth chiropractor I’ve been to in my life and without a doubt the best. Everybody I know has the best chiropractor in the world, just ask them, they’ll usually be happy to tell you!

Here are the differences I found. Most chiropractors (like psychologists) don’t really want you to be cured. There’s not as much money in it for them! I’m not saying they don’t want you healthy, but they sure do want you reliant. They would prefer to address the weekly symptoms and keep you coming back every week. Hey it’s a business after all. There’s not as much money in a cure!

Dr. Ramer is the first chiropractor I’ve been to who attempts to get to the root cause.  Her posture correction program works towards a permanent, structural change to the spine, not just temporary fixes. But it’s going to require some work on your part. Yes, she will send you home with homework like you’re in school again.

Most chiropractors are running the health industry equivalent of a drive thru restaurant and want to see as many patients as possible. I prefer a small practice like Dr. Ramer’s. I don’t want to be a number. She takes the time to put together an individual plan for you, not just apply the same technique to everybody.

Chiropractic care has advanced a lot in the last 20 years. Gone are the days of load popping noises and a neck more sore than when you came in. I always thought that if an old school chiropractor sneezes while adjusting my neck he’s going to pop my head off!  One specific reason I chose Dr. Ramer is because she didn’t graduate from school 20 years ago. I don’t want my chiropractor using 20 year old techniques.  Logic may lead you to believe that more experience is better.  However, in this situation I tend to think superior technique, equipment and focus trumps experience. Also having a massage therapist there is also a huge benefit.

My only complaint is that they could use a few new magazines in the waiting area but then again you’ll only be sitting there for about 2 minutes.”

-Chris J, CEO Ankh Health, LLC.

“Dr. Ramer is highly recommended as an expert chiropractor!  She is gentle yet effective and extremely knowledgeable in her field.  She has improved my posture, strengthened my shoulder muscles, relieved tension in my back, and helped me with multiple sports and an accident related injury/s.  I recommend her to all my family and friends.”

-Kirk A

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Ramer, except to relate my personal experience.  I came into her office late on Wednesday afternoon unable to walk without the help of crutches. By Friday I no longer needed crutches. This, I might add, was after I had been to the hospital emergency room where all they did was x-ray my knee, put on an ace bandage, hand me the aforementioned crutches, give me pain killers and send me on my way no better than when I first went in to the ER.

Dr. Ramer is what you might call “full service”.  Her practice includes not only chiropractic, but nutrition, exercise, massage and natural supplements.  But most important, Dr. Ramer guides you in understanding your body and how to keep it healthy.”

-Antoinette C

“I have lived with chronic pain for most of my adult life, stemming from high school and collegiate athletics, motorcycle accidents, and other traumatic experiences. As time passed, I accepted the pain and assumed that it was a normal transition into adulthood due to aging. From an early age, I was indoctrinated with the idea that pain could be “walked off” or that one should merely “suck it up.” As a result, I turned a blind eye to many distress signals my body was sending. Actually, my body was begging for help.

It wasn’t until someone very dear to me had insisted that I see Dr. Ramer. Until then, I was not very proactive about tending to the pain, nor was I excited about consulting yet another doctor. I had seen traditional western doctors and was merely dispensed anti-inflammatory medication, which basically numbed the pain, but conversely gave my severe gastro-intestinal problems. In addition, I was not very thrilled at the idea of spending money on a problem, which I felt was not very serious. Then came the initial consultation.

Upon initial examination, Dr. Ramer immediately pointed out that my level of pain was in fact not normal, and would lead to serious degenerative problems very quickly. To be honest, I expected that response, but was not quite ready for what followed. Upon palpation, she was able to locate the areas I was experiencing pain, without my pointing out from where the pain stemmed. In addition, she was able to point out areas of scoliosis, which I didn’t even realize I had until receiving my x-rays. In addition, for some time, I had been worried about severe chest pains and tingling in my extremities and mentioned this to Dr. Ramer. Upon hearing this, Dr. Ramer pointed out that it was most likely due to misalignments in my spine at a specific location.

I decided to continue seeing Dr. Ramer and am grateful that I have. In the short time that I have continued to seek her help and treatment, she has been very attentive to my needs, as well as guiding me in recovery. Although there are, as explained, better days than others, generally, I have experienced significantly decreased level of pain and inflammation, as well as sensible heat resulting from the inflammation. I have been able to get to sleep sooner, and sustain deeper sleep, thus feeling far more refreshed in the morning. In addition, I feel more emotional stable, as I no longer am frustrated from the pain, am getting regular, deep sleep, and have an overall sense of better health. Along with the therapies, Dr. Ramer has recommended several stretches and exercises to perform, catered to my needs. I feel that these exercises have also aided in my recovery. At work, I sit in a chair for several hours at a time. Typically, I would be fidgeting in my chair every several minutes. However, upon seeking Dr. Ramer’s help, I have noticed that I can actually sit still for extended periods of time.

Dr. Ramer is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to not only identify, but to correct several misalignments in my spine, which leads to other problems.  Since seeing Dr. Ramer, I have neither experienced the chest pains, nor the tingling sensations in my extremities, which were debilitating and often even prevented me from going to work. Dr. Ramer has also recommended nutritional supplements, which have been very easy on my gastro-intestinal tract, and have helped in expediting my recovery.  I am grateful for Dr. Ramer’s help and her hand in my recovery. I feel a sense of comfort in knowing that I can trust her, based on her knowledge as well as her integrity, as she only recommends the exact supplement used in studies, rather than similar products which may or may not have the same potency nor the same desired effects.

All in all, I can honestly say that in terms of pain relief, seeing Dr. Ramer has been the best decision for myself. As a result of the continued visits, I have seen dramatic decreases in levels of pain, as well as an increase in my ability to enjoy a healthier, pain-free life.”

-Bernard K

Dr. Ramer is a detail oriented chiropractor who you can rely on. She helped correct my posture problem and made my neck pain go away. I especially like her posture program together with a series of exercises that really worked out for me. I enjoyed every office visit because Dr. Ramer is a nice and fun person.”

-Tony W

I was referred to Doctor Ramer after an auto accident where I sustained whiplash and was experiencing persistent neck pain. Before my accident, I had never been to a chiropractor but I started seeing another chiropractor initially whose techniques were dubious and not producing results. Dr.Ramer was completely different from the start. She was very professional, evaluating my injuries, explaining what was wrong, and how her treatments would actually affect the muscles, ligaments, and nerves which were injured.  Dr. Ramer’s approach involves extensive stretching exercises done at home every day.  This approach seemed sensible to me, and allowed me to be actively involved in my treatment. The progress on my neck was slow, but steady, and eventually I was pain free.  Impressed by the treatment for my accident injuries.

I then signed up for Dr. Ramer’s posture program.  Again, with the same scientific approach, Dr.Ramer explained why my posture had deteriorated over the years, and how her treatment (again focused on stretching at home) would correct my neck and spine. Even though I had few symptoms (the occasional headache at the back of my head when I awoke in the morning) she discussed how the program would be beneficial to my health on multiple levels.

After being in the program, I now rarely have these morning head aches, and my neck and back feel more limber and strong. I have even received compliments from friends noting I look taller.”

-Craig R

“I have been going to Dr. Ramer for two years.  When I started I was having so much pain in my lower back that I could barely sit in my car and drive.  I also suffered from searing pain in my mid back.  I am a single mom and the pain made me constantly irritable and restless with my 5 year old son.  She gave me gentle adjustments with a chiropractic tool that were easy to tolerate.  She used ultrasound and laser treatments to break up scar tissue which was keeping my muscles tight and pulling the  bones of my spine out of alignment.

She gave me stretches to do with written directions and pictures.  She was very good at explaining how to do them.  Every time I came she would ask me if I had any questions about the stretches and ask me to show her how I was doing the stretches so that I learned to do them correctly.  This helped motivate me to do the stretches regularly.  She also has a professional masseuse working with her.  I got massages that relaxed the muscles in spasm so that I could hold the adjustments better.  After a few weeks of treatments my lower back was remarkably  improved.  The muscle spasms I had suffered with for months before coming to see her softened and the pain subsided.  My lower back has not bothered me since that time.

I have suffered from middle back pain for most of my life because I have forward head posture.  This has improved greatly and is much more manageable now.  I also had a chronically stiff neck due to a bad whiplash injury from 12 years before.  When backing my car out of a parking space, I was not able to turn my head to see what I was doing.  After a few treatments the range of motion in my neck had dramatically improved and now I feel like a safer driver.  As my pain has subsided, the quality of my life has improved and I am no longer irritable and restless with my son because of the pain.  I am able to enjoy being active with him and have more energy to do so.

Dr. Ramer is knowledgeable and caring.  I feel she genuinely wants to help me have a better quality of life.  She took the time to teach me what was happening in my body.  She has posters and models of the spine and muscles which really help with  understanding what is going on inside of your body so that you can do your part to make the therapy work.  Dr. Ramer also has a full array of prescription strength vitamins and supplements to help support your recovery.”

-Jeramy S.

“Seeing Dr Ramer after my car accident has been incredibly helpful these past few months. Not only has the pain from my injury healed but I have a better appreciation for overall neck, back and spine injury prevention.”

-Dave W.

“I was in a lot of pain when I came into Dr. Ramer’s office for the first time.  After the initial appointment, I was so surprised that I could move my neck and my pain was already subsiding.  With each appointment after that, I was amazed how well I was doing.  Dr. Ramer is very knowledgeable and knows exactly where the pain is coming from and what to do to realign and fix the problem area.  My at-home exercises that she gave me are also a tremendous help.  She really goes out of her way to make sure that I am taken care of and keeping up with the regimen to stay pain-free, happy, and healthy.  I have the utmost respect for her, and she truly is one of the best chiropractors that I have been to – thank you Dr. Ramer!”

-Tara P.

“For years I’ve had this knot and nagging pain between my left shoulder blade and spine that I couldn’t get rid of.  I’d find myself up against a corner where two walls would meet trying to “rub it out” myself.  After my initial treatment with Dr. Ramer she minimized my discomfort to the point where I barely thought about it and now the pain is gone!  I have to admit, not feeling even a little discomfort or being “cracked” several times took some getting used to but Dr. Ramer’s low force technique has helped me feel much healthier.”

-Jeru T.

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