Unparalleled Wellness with Yoga and Chiropractic

Because Dr. Ramer is trained and experienced in both yoga and chiropractic, she is able to offer her patients far more paths to optimum and sustained wellness than other Santa Monica chiropractors and yoga instructors. To appreciate this, let’s briefly look at both yoga and chiropractic and see how they relate to and complement one another.

Listen to what B. J. Palmer, one of the founders and an important early developer of chiropractic, said about the art of yoga in 1956:

“The sincere yogi would make an excellent chiropractor for getting (the) sick well if he had knowledge and ability to correct the intermediary adjustment to restore power of internal innate, to perfect greater understanding.

The yoga-chiropractic connection

Palmer recognized the many areas where yoga and chiropractic share both philosophy and practice. What he says in the quote above leads us to a simple explanation of how, as a patient of Dr. Ramer, yoga and chiropractic will work together:

During your chiropractic sessions Dr. Ramer will restore alignments that will improve your posture, range of motion and flexibility. Yoga then will continue this work, strengthening the foundation that has been established, improving your flexibility, balance and strength even more.

Patients with Santa Monica chiropractors who do not use yoga in their treatment plans, typically improve at the time of their treatments, but between visits, their condition deteriorates and their chiropractor has to start over from zero.

High level, sustained wellness

Dr. Ramer’s approach to chiropractic care combined with yoga leads to a level of sustained wellness far greater than the expectations of most patients. Imagine being able to complement the work of Dr. Ramer on your own between visits with your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing showing constant improvement! That is what is possible when your yoga instruction and practice are designed to harmonize with your chiropractic care.

Surveys show that Americans are becoming more and more interested in yoga, the philosophy behind it and the health benefits it delivers. These are greatly magnified when they are coupled with the modern chiropractic techniques practiced by Dr. Ramer. Yoga is a calm and gentle form of exercise. Dr. Ramer’s advanced methods of restoring alignment are equally as gentle. This makes both yoga and chiropractic suitable for everyone.

For example, sedentary individuals looking to improve their overall health, accident victims as well as those who are active in sports will benefit greatly by working with Dr. Ramer. Those who have fallen into a sedentary lifestyle and accident sufferers will improve their strength, flexibility, range of motion and endurance. With the athlete, problems often arise from the repetitive motions suffered during training. Chiropractic combined with yoga will bring balance back into their bodies and minds.

Even more similarities

We should point out other areas where chiropractic and yoga share similar philosophies or complement one another. Nutrition is one of these. The science of chiropractic has long recognized the role nutrition plays in health and wellness, emphasizing organic, natural and raw foods. These principles and priorities are virtually identical in yoga.

Yoga and chiropractic both work to improve balance, which is so often overlooked in our society today. People tend to lose their natural balance over the years and it happens so gradually that it goes unnoticed. Further, balance isn’t something that just prevents us from falling down, it is a critical brain function and when we are able to achieve excellent balance it even serves to stimulate our nervous system. Dr. Ramer understands this relationship and works to optimize the balance of her patients through both her chiropractic treatment and yoga instruction.

We think you will be very impressed by how your life and your health improve with the care the Dr. Ramer is able to deliver. Call us today for your initial consultation.


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